bowhunting mature pressured whitetails
“Thank you so much. We have been watching your videos, reading your books, and taking notes. The information you provide has been so helpful. My son’s first time hunting with my husband and I and he shot a 9pt buck!” – Karen

Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails - Volume III
"Hunting Tactics and In-Season Scouting"

(approx. 2 hours)

Volume III covers hunting tactics and techniques as well as proper in season scouting. Volume III goes into visual andvocal detail on how, how often, when, and where to use tactics such asrattling, calls, decoys, scents, drags, etc. during season. It also goes into detail on when and how to hunt certain types terrain features such as short crop field edges, timber, swamps, standing corn, acorn laden oaks, etc., and how critical seasonal, and daily timing is to success, plus much much more.

This instructional series is devoted to hunters that hunt heavily hunted areas and have no option but to hunt pressured whitetails. This DVD deviates greatly from what is seen on TV shows and hunting video's. It will take years off the learning curve of novice hunters, and add new insights for seasoned hunters as well.

Volume III has bonus sections on in season hunting gear, state by state Pope & Young statistics and ratio's, The "Ebernary" (a split screen with a printed description of possible unknown words in the main text on one side and John explaining the same word on the other), and a photo gallery with pictures dating back to 1969 of the author and his sons Chris and Jon with deer they have taken over the years for credibility purposes.

Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails - Volume 3 - On Sale For: $15.00