bowhunting pressured whitetail bucks
“Following your books advice about saving certain areas strictly for the rut phases, I hunted one of my best spots for the first time of the season on November 2nd, 2007 and at a distance of 28 yards killed the largest buck I have ever killed and I have taken quite a few. He was a monster 12 point that dressed out at 211 pounds (waiting for score).” – John Pardington

Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails

book1Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pressured bucks
Chapter 2: Finding Places to Hunt
Chapter 3: Scouting and Preparation
Chapter 4: Using an Ambush Hunting Sling
Chapter 5: Scent Control
Chapter 6: Hunting Small Parcels
Chapter 7: Other Hunters
Chapter 8: Nocturnal Bucks
Chapter 9: Hunting Scrapes
Chapter 10: Hunting Staging Areas
Chapter 11: Hunting Rubs and Rub Lines
Chapter 12: Calling and Rattling
Chapter 13: Decoys
Chapter 14: Late-Season Bowhunting
Chapter 15: Recovering Bow-Shot Whitetails
Chapter 16: Fitness and Nutrition
Chapter 17: Equipment
Chapter 18: Some Final Words



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