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“These books have advanced my bowhunting skills like no other bowhunting literature has before. I give alot of credit to these books in helping me take this beautiful Michigan 10pt on a 2008 MID-DAY late october bowhunt, as well as several other great bucks before in recent seasons.” – Doug Myers

Table of Contents

Under Pressure

PART I. A Bowhunter's Year

Chapter 1: January and February
Chapter 2: March, April, and May
Chapter 3: June, July, and August
Chapter 4: September
Chapter 5: October
Chapter 6: November
Chapter 7: December

PART II. Special Situations
Chapter 8: Hunting in the Rain
Chapter 9: All-Day Hunting
Chapter 10: Hunting on the Ground
Chapter 11: Hunting the Suburbs
Chapter 12: The Baiting Problem
Chapter 13: Hunting Away from Home

The Bowhunter's Attitude: Putting It All Together


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pressured bucks
Chapter 2: Finding Places to Hunt
Chapter 3: Scouting and Preparation
Chapter 4: Using an Ambush Hunting Sling
Chapter 5: Scent Control
Chapter 6: Hunting Small Parcels
Chapter 7: Other Hunters
Chapter 8: Nocturnal Bucks
Chapter 9: Hunting Scrapes
Chapter 10: Hunting Staging Areas
Chapter 11: Hunting Rubs and Rub Lines
Chapter 12: Calling and Rattling
Chapter 13: Decoys
Chapter 14: Late-Season Bowhunting
Chapter 15: Recovering Bow-Shot Whitetails
Chapter 16: Fitness and Nutrition
Chapter 17: Equipment
Chapter 18: Some Final Words

Precision Bowhunting
Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails
 Inside the pages of Whitetail Access, successful hunter Chris Eberhart shows you how to hunt those top states on a shoestring budget. Chris takes you along with him for a whole season while he hits and connects in top trophy buck spots.

Bowhunting Whitetails

Bowhunting Whitetails The Eberhart Way

The father son team from Michigan have once again joined forces in authoring “Bowhunting Whitetails The Eberhart Way”. Their new book will bring more new and exciting cutting-edge insights into bowhunting for whitetails.



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NEW Book
"Bowhunting Whitetails The Eberhart Way"

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