trophyline knee savers

Trophyline Knee Savers

$34.99 and S&H of $5.00

Description of Knee Savers: Trophylines Knee Savers are the final step in comfort when using any of Trophylines saddles. When hunting from large diameter trees that your legs can't straddle, a set of Knee Savers can quickly and quietly be put on over your extrior clothing and be adjusted to fit anybody. These heavily padded Knee Savers will allow you to sit for long periods with your knees against the tree.    






  Hooyman Thumb

- 5 FT SAW $59.99 + S&H

- 10 FT SAW $89.99 + S&H


We have been using extendable pole saws for over 25 years when preparing shooting lanes and cutting out of reach branches in the tree we hunt from. In fact, it is nearly impossible to properly prepare a location within some form of cover without one, and without question, Hooyman makes the strongest, most compact, easiest to use, and most versatile saws in the hunting marketplace. We doubt there is an extension saw made that we have not owned and used.

Hooyman manufacturing currently offers a 5 and 10-foot collapsible saw specifically for the hunting industry. They use a strong aluminum I-beam configuration for their frame giving them unsurpassed strength and rigidity and their sierra toothed saw blades are also made of an upgraded stainless steel when compared to most of their competitors. Each extensions positive locking system also surpasses any others we have used.

Hooyman’s 5-foot saw collapses to a mere 12 inches that easily fits in most packs and their 10-footer collapses to 28 inches. With either extension saw you can remove the saw from the end and use it as a folding hand saw.

There are many brands of short extension saws available in the hunting marketplace and longer versions in the lawn and garden departments at hardware stores and no matter where you go, you pretty much get what you pay for and Hooyman is at the top of the quality list.