About John

John has been hunting whitetail deer in the heavily hunted state of Michigan for over 45 years and has concentrated his efforts on mature bucks for more than 20 of those years. He has 23 bucks entered in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book from 9 different counties. John does not own or lease any hunting property, or belong to any hunt clubs. He receives permission by knocking on doors, which at times can be more difficult than actually hunting. Most of his bucks have come from heavily hunted areas, with several of his largest coming from state land. John has hunted both big timber areas and agricultural areas in his home state and is dedicated to the no-nonsense pursuit of mature whitetail deer.
john eberhart and buck
John has seen tremendous changes in bowhunting activity over the years. In the beginning he had to learn the hard way and has never stopped studying the art of bowhunting the amazing, adaptable whitetail. Through the years he has developed tactics and strategies that have come to mean a good rate of success on mature pressured bucks. He has many tips that could be helpful to you.

John feels that there is too much fluff (generality) in most bowhunting articles, books, TV shows, and videos. Most nationally known hunting personalities hunt property on which generic hunting methods are successful due to lack of heavy hunting pressure. A  high percentage of TV shows and hunting video's advertise that they are hunting 100% wild 100% fair chase whitetails, which they are. However, in reality they are hunting on large exclusive micro managed hunting property with little if any competition and in areas with extremely low hunter densities. A few are even filmed in high fenced enclosures, all of which are gross misrepresentations of normal hunting conditions and mature buck to doe ratio's. Successful hunting methods used in those areas will rarely yield consistent results on pressured mature whitetail bucks.

John would like to give you more detailed information on not only how to do things, but also tell you why you are doing it. He wants to take you to the next level so that you enjoy your experiences in the field..

About Chris

Chris has been bowhunting his entire life. He spent his first twenty seasons hunting exclusively in Michigan, learning first hand how to hunt pressured whitetails and deal with the problems that high hunter density present. Despite having a great instructor in his father, it took Chris more than a decade of bowhunting to arrow a mature Michigan buck, which goes to show just how hard it is in that state. From the beginning Chris demonstrated the determined persistance that defines the Eberhart method of bowhunting mature whitetails, and slowly he developed as a hunter and began to experience good success on pressured bucks, along the way helping to tweak the Eberhart way.

chris eberhart and buck
Being an adventuresome type, Chris began to experiment with short by the seat of his pants hunting trips to other states about ten years ago. Due to his pressured buck training in Michigan these hunting trips were met with immediate success unthinkable in his home state. As the years passed Chris refined his short term hunting skills and began to take long strictly Do-It-Yourself hunts to many corners of this country, from the open grassland of the prairie, to the southern hills of Ohio, and to the heavily hunted Northeast, all on a shoestring budget, and often hunting on public land. He craves the challenge of stepping into new terrain, finding, and killing mature bucks. No Guides, No Hyper Managed Properties, No leases, just real and serious bowhunting in areas and conditions available to normal real life hunters.

Chris is the author of "Whitetail Access: Hunting Top Whitetail States Cheaply and Effectively" and co-author of "Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails" and "Precision Bowhunting." Chris has written articles for Michigan Out of Doors, Petersen's Bowhunting, Bow & Arrow Hunting, and Deer and Deer Hunting.

About Jon

Jon is also John's son and has been bowhunting his entire life. His bowhunting experience has been almost completely within the heavily hunted state of Michigan, mostly within a few miles of his home in the central portion of the lower peninsula. Throughout the years Jon has become an expert at hunting tracts of public land, where very very few bucks make it to their second year. Despite this fact, and the fact that heavy baiting practices in the area tend to distort normal deer movement, Jon has had good success on mature bucks, pulling numerous fine bucks out of areas where they are nearly unheard of.

jon eberhart and buck
Jon's bowhunting technique is as good as it gets. His arsenal includes key use of mountain bikes, canoes, and waders for access to hard to reach ground. He is the consumate student of bowhunting and does what it takes to get on to mature bucks in one of the heaviest hunted areas in the United States. His insight into hunting hard hit public areas is exceptional. Jon appeared in segments of the "Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails" DVD.