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“Well last year, I read both of your books (Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails) and (Precision Bowhunting) and It opened the world of hunting up to me like I never imagined. Paying attention to the details like scent control, wind direction, scrapes, rub lines and doing all my scouting at the end of last season really paid off!” – Chris Hendrickson... Check out what other hunters have to say about our products
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Bowhunting Whiteails The Eberhart Way

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Chris Eberhart and John Eberhart are accepting photos with short kill stories for consideration on this site. The story must contain information pertaining to how our books or dvds influenced where, why, or when the hunt was successful, or the recovery was made.

If you have submitted a testimonial in the last year and we did not post it, please resubmit. We are sorry it didn't get posted. We will be making it a priority to post hunter testimonials.

Email Picture and Testimonial to:
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John & Chris Eberhart's instructional DVD's give you the knowledge needed to take big bucks.